June 18, 2015

What to expect when you change your degree subject

Many students change degree subjects every year. It can be an uncertain time, waiting to start that new year, to find out if you’ve made the right choice. So, have a look here at our tips on what to expect when you switch:
January 15, 2015

15 Reasons you should go abroad as part of your degree

Many universities now offer the chance for their students to spend a year, semester or even a month abroad. Here are just some of the great things that you could get out of your time overseas, from learning a new language to gaining useful skills for your graduate career.
April 28, 2014

Is a degree enough?

Every year, thousands of students graduate but is a degree enough to get a job? Employers are looking for students who have gone above and beyond to take their employability prospects to the next level. Here is what you can do to make sure you stand out.