November 4, 2020

How to make the most of a virtual career fair

Yes, the world has changed recently, but with employability more important than ever it’s clear to see that most institutions are heavily focussed on developing new […]
October 3, 2017

My Enterprise internship helped me shape my future career

I was excited, nervous, intrigued and a little bit nauseous on my first day. I very quickly realised that I would be encouraged to make a real difference during my summer placement.
May 10, 2016

Never judge an employer by its name

Emma Robinson took part in the Targetjobs Management Undergraduate of the Year competition, making the top ten and joining Enterprise for an awards gala – all without knowing about cars.
February 5, 2016

The five secrets of a successful careers fair

Careers fairs are great ways to meet potential employers - here are our five top tips for making the most of them.
December 18, 2014

There’s no better place than Enterprise to launch your career

There are always new challenges at Enterprise, and the time I spent as an intern allowed me to get ahead as a graduate management trainee. It’s only been 18 months but I’ve come such a long way both personally and professionally.
April 28, 2014

Is a degree enough?

Every year, thousands of students graduate but is a degree enough to get a job? Employers are looking for students who have gone above and beyond to take their employability prospects to the next level. Here is what you can do to make sure you stand out.
May 3, 2013

How to make the most of your internship – a practical guide

Landing the ideal internship or placement is just the beginning; here’s a practical guide with useful tips on how to make the most of your experience.
February 22, 2013

My Internship With Enterprise: The Story So Far.

6 months into my internship with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, I share my experiences, the lessons I've learned and my tips on how to find your perfect internship.
January 25, 2013

What to expect from an Enterprise internship

Many of the internships offered are specific to one sector of business (HR, Operations, Marketing, etc.) and I didn’t want that. I wanted the tools to be able to run my own business and Enterprise offered me exactly that.